Andrei Muntz
Architect-artist in the third generation.
Born 1954 in Moscow into the Muntz family of well-known artists and architects, Andrei has firmly established himself as leader of its third generation, working as an architect, a painter and a graphicist. He is a member of the Russian Architects Union, the International Federation of Artists and the Union of Russian Artists. Having been the winner of ten different architectural competitions, many of his designs may be seen in and around Moscow, such as the “Kopernik” and “Donskoye Podvorie” Apartment Houses, the Mechsherkoe Housing Estate, and various large country houses and villas in the periphery.

Andrei has participated in more than 50 exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad – especially in Poland, France and the USA. In all of these countries, his works may be may be found both in art galleries and in private collections. He teaches Architectural Design in the Moscow Architectural Institute, and teaches Drawing in the Moscow “Start” School of Architecture for Children.
Andrei Muntz produces paintings as well as drawings. His approach is always one of “free improvisation”. Being an architect, he is very conscious of the practical limitations governing structural art. That is why he values freedom so much in his painting and sketching, where an artist can express himself without needing to think about the laws of Physics and social compliance. He is especially fond of imaginative art, which does not have anything to do with the constraints of the real world.
Andrei Muntz’s painting is considered to continue the great tradition of the Russian avant-garde:
Abstract Expressionism.
He believes the expression of emotions to be the most important purpose of art, and he attaches special value to expression through experiment and improvisation. His pictures provoke many different interpretations, and in them people often see very different things. Andrei thus entices his audience into his own artistic world. Although his pictures may consist of numerous small details, apparently placed at random, the observer still perceives the image of the whole thing.
Andrei takes the same approach in both his painting and drawing, involving free improvisation, open expression of feelings and brightness of colors. He considers color to be the strongest means of expression, using it freely and without being afraid of clashing combinations, reserving the use of black paint to give strength and depth to his palette.
There is no single theme to be found in the works of Andrei Muntz. The artist says:
“My conception of art is rather the lack of any single conception – I can do anything I like, whatever comes into my head, and I always try to be completely open to new ideas”
He experiments in all directions over the fields of pure abstraction, aiming at a strong emotional impact, combined with images of the real would. He likes to experiment with different techniques, painting in oils and acrylic, sometimes in combination with pastel, on canvas, on cardboard, or even on iron. But he is also fond of the more traditional graphical techniques, sometimes using etching, dry-point, water-color and charcoal. Such methods are not so frequently found nowadays, because they require long, expert training.